The newest chapter in the complicated and difficult story of Sfiso Ncwane’s legacy unfolds with a sad revelation as the schism between the gospel artist’s widow, Ayanda Ncwane, and his mother, Fikile Ncwane, deepens. Fikile Ncwane has decided to legally reject Ayanda after a tumultuous relationship defined by stress and public disagreements.

Sfiso Ncwane, a well-known gospel musician, died seven years ago, and his family’s relationship with his widow has been volatile, frequently making headlines. The newest incident highlights the mother-in-fragile law’s relationship with her daughter-in-law.

Fikile Ncwane announced her decision to renounce Ayanda in an exclusive interview with Sunday World. She claims that Ayanda’s engagement with the police, accusing Fikile of maltreatment and violence, was the tipping point. This escalation prompted Ayanda to seek a protective order against her mother-in-law, which Fikile misinterpreted as a rejection.

“As far as I’m concerned, I don’t have a daughter-in-law,” Fikile expressed. “I disowned Ayanda a long time ago, but now I am making it official. I took that decision when she brought the police into my home, accusing me of ill-treating and attacking her.”

The troubled relationship began in 2015, when Fikile accused Sfiso in the public of failing to care for her. Fikile was accused of witchcraft by Sifiso and Ayanda. The verbal spat grew, but Sifiso and his mother finally reconciled.


Despite this, Ayanda had already cut ties with the Ncwanes. When Sfiso died in December 2016 in Johannesburg, his family was refused access to his corpse. They were compelled to leave the residence and return to KwaZulu-Natal on their own.

Fikile Ncwane highlighted her dissatisfaction with the lack of closure seven years after her son’s death. She also lamented not seeing her grandkids for an extended length of time since her attempts to contact Ayanda were ineffective. Fikile has finally accepted that “God will deal with her.”

Fikile released a bombshell in a statement that raises doubts about the circumstances of her son’s death, adding, “I only wish that one day she tells the world what actually happened to my kid.”

As this family drama unfolds, it serves as a sobering reminder of the intricacies and obstacles that may occur within family dynamics, even in the aftermath of the death of a loved one.


By J Times

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