A fight breaks at the shebeen and ends in a shooting. There are a few surprises in this shooting scene though
The first one is Lerumo. Remember him? Lerumo was Mandla Majola’s loan shark. Mandla is the elusive father of Ayanda.

Lerumo is a part of this fight, and he ends up shot. The second unpleasant surprise is that it looks like Lucy gets shot as well as Mrekza is seen lying next to her bloody body and frantically trying to wake her up.

Manaka Ranaka (Lucy Diale) on Generations The Legacy
Manaka Ranaka (Lucy Diale) on Generations The Legacy: Image Credit @Instagram


Lerumo will make contact with Luyolo, and this unsettles the excellent doctor. The question is, why is Lerumo back? The last time we saw him, he had been shot by Dali after he kidnapped Ayanda, so it’s not a good thing to see him.

Nontle contacts Mbali after her part goes wrong. She has been going through the most since she decided to be independent. Sphe has been struggling with her intrusive thoughts since Winston kidnapped her.


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