More drama and heat are still igniting on House of Zwide as more episodes are being released. It is rated as the number 1 eTV show that is mostly watched at the moment with over 1 million views.

Its viewers are continuously sharing on their social media platforms how they enjoy the soapie and the more they share is the more other people become intrigued to watch.

House of Zwide’s content and storyline includes love and relationships. We see this from Faith and Funana Zwide to Isaac and his wife then down to the young adults, Onalerona and Soma, and finally the beautiful love birds, Nkosikhona and Shoki.

Onalerona and Shoki have made their relationship official to everyone and are unapologetically loving each other. They are seen spending so much time together on a daily basis. Their meetings started on the streets, under the trees at parks, and in tuck shops.

In the latest episode, Onalerona and Soma spend so much time together indoors in Soma’s bedroom.

When Nomsa and Shoki left the house for work, she invited Onalerona over, cooked for her, and lit up candles for her to create a romantic space. Shoki has been very worried that Onalerona will fall pregnant and her brother, Soka, will be in big trouble with the mighty Isaac who wants nothing that will ruin her child’s bright plans.


Shoki is not the only one who is worried about Onalerona falling pregnant but her mom too. Onalerona’s mom told Ona that she should start condomizing to protect herself from falling pregnant but Ona took it as a joke.

As Onalerona was alone in her room, he kept on wondering how will she be able to tell Soka that they should start condomizing whilst on the other hand she is suspecting that she is already pregnant after missing her periods last month.


If Onalerona is indeed pregnant, she should just accept the situation as is and focus on the solution. Her parents will obviously be disappointed and mad at both of them, her and her boyfriend but she should remain strong.

If she is not pregnant but missed her periods because of inconsistent changes in the body, then she should take her mother’s advice and condomize. What are your thoughts??


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