He has been the man of the moment and he is enjoying the newfound fame that comes along with his smash vocals on Umlando. Of late he has been dupped as the most booked artist since the track was released. Toss energetic performances have fast become his signatures. But in the mix of things, it seems it’s taking a toll on his health of late.

A few days ago he hogged headlines when she dropped a Riky Rick tribute show. The Umlando sensation performed whilst in his pants copying one of Riky Rick’s epic performances of all time that went down in the history books of the South Africa Hip Hop culture.

Umlando hitmaker Toss - Source:  Instagram@indabakabi


A viral video has since flooded on social media of the musician who collapsed whilst performing live on stage. He was performing at a gig that was full to the bream. Whilst performing as his fans were singing along Toss tried to pull off some of his signature dances but he collapsed in the process. For a moment fans thought it was a dancing prank but it was not. The performance was cut short after ultimately collapsing.



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