A well-known comedian, Lettie Lebogang, died abruptly. She died today, November 2, 2023. She is widely known for her role as Khelina from Diep City. Many people’s hearts were devastated when they learned of her tragic death. Everybody who had the honour of knowing and working with her during her life and career will miss her.

Lettie lebohang Mpyana, also known as Khelena, of Diep City, has died. In due course, the family will issue a statement. After learning of his passing, many people have expressed their condolences to Lettie Lebogang’s family, as well as paying respect to her in newly published remarks. Everyone is asked to keep the family in their thoughts and prayers as they go through this difficult time of mourning Lettie Lebogang’s unthinkable loss.


The circumstances surrounding Lettie Lebogang’s death, including her particular cause of death, were not detailed in the available material at the time of publishing; hence, the full facts remain unclear. Thus yet, no other information has been released. The general public will be kept up to date as soon as this information becomes accessible. Lettie Lebogang was a gifted South African actress and comedian who rose to prominence in the entertainment world. Despite the lack of information about her personal past, Lettie’s colourful personality and humorous ability made her a popular figure among audiences.

Lettie Lebogang rose to prominence as Khelina Sylvia in the popular Mzansi Magic show “DiepCity.” Her depiction of this character earned her a strong following base, highlighting her acting talent and humorous timing. Lettie made an indelible impact on those who saw her on television, bringing laughter and joy to audiences all across South Africa with her performances.


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