Jub Jub went on the MacG show a few weeks back and called Kelly Khumalo a jerk. They are ex-lovers who had a child together. It’s no secret that their relationship has deteriorated from love to enmity.

Jub jub accused his child’s mother, Kelly Khumalo, of using Muthi on her lovers. It didn’t stop there; he also accused her of blaming her muthi hence of most of her partners dies, while others had major difficulties.

Kelly Khumalo has remained silent since then, even when some women came forward to accuse Jub Jub of rape.


She finally got the time to answer today. Kelly Khumalo was on the MacG show today, and she finally broke her silence.

When questioned about her son’s father, Jub Jub, Kelly Khumalo remarked on PodcastAndChill with MacG, “I don’t worry about nonsense.”


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