Faith Nketsi, a model, influencer, and businesswoman, rose to prominence as a “Pro Twerker.” She has been such a consistent presence on the stage that many fans feel as if they have known her for a long time, which is possibly why many were astonished to learn her true age.

She recently turned to social media to post photos from her birthday, and she received nothing but love and congratulations from her fans and followers. That is until it was disclosed that she was turning 27 on the day in question, and the internet went into a frenzy.

Tweeps couldn’t believe she was just 27 at the time. Many people appear to believe she is older than that, with various estimates being tossed around. Some think she is at least thirty, while others believe that although she is young, she seems to have lived many lives, almost as though she is at least forty. 


However, we must admit that forty is a bit of an exaggeration. She does not appear to be 40. They mistook her for 40, not because she appears that old, but because she seems to have been around for so long that they can’t believe she’s so young.


By J Times

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