Former Gomora actor Melusi ‘Zolisa Xaluva’ discusses his tough intentions to return and rejoin the program on Podcast with MacG. Melusi was one of the show’s veteran major characters, along with Mam Sonto ‘Connie Chiume,’ Thathi ‘Katldgo Dankie,’ and Gladys ‘Thembi Seete. At the time of his departure, he was by far the most senior male actor. Many fans lamented his leaving, demonstrating how strongly Gomora producers would reject his aspirations to return.

Melusi and Gladys separated just a few months before he murdered Phumlani and was apprehended. The couple’s relationship has not been easy, yet real love remains between them. Gladys has fallen in love with Mr. Cele since then, but his extensive list of demands has turned her off. Gladys refuses to allow Mr. Cele to walk freely around her home. If Melusi shows up there, he may try to reclaim what is rightfully his, both the primary position and her ex-wife.


Melusi’s childhood girlfriend Thathi, on the other hand, is single again after losing her spouse at Melusi’s hands. She’s returned to Mam Sonto, and if Melusi turns there, things will become fascinating, since a fresh start will be possible without anyone standing in their way. If


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