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Real Name: Thabo William Mnguni

Age: 57 years

Birthday: 28 August 1965

Birth Place: Umlazi, KZN

Profession: Actor

Education: Drama at University of KZN

Net Worth: R27.6 million


Runaway kids barely make it in this gruesome works but Thabo takes a risk which pays off years later. As soon as he leaves home, he gets a chance to follow his passion for Arts. In a bid to perfect his flair, he enrolls at University of KZN and majors in Drama. This sees him starring in the sitcom Family Bonds to which he attains his limelight.



It is without a doubt that the actor possesses unmatched flair. With that, Thabo is nominated for a South African Film and Television Award as Best Supporting Actor for his role on Family Bonds.

Which Television Roles has Thabo Mnguni taken on?


Apart from captivating masses on Uzalo, Thabo has made features in the following shows:

  • Family Bonds
  • Generations
  • Imbewu
  • Zero Tolerance

What is Thabo Mnguni’s role on Uzalo?

Playing the conniving pastor makes him the character we all love to hate. Always up to some shenanigans, Mbatha never rests when it comes to scamming people.

What kind of cars does Thabo Mnguni drive?

His fleet of cars includes a white KIA, a Nissan Haval double cab and a Haval Jolion of which cost no less that R900 000.

What is Thabo Mnguni’s Net Worth?


Thabo is probably the only monied actor on Uzalo and Mzansi is here for it. Unafraid to flaunt his wealth, he is the ultimate uncle bae. His choice in clothing is proof the actor is in his bag. From his acting gigs and business ventures including mining, farming and a production company, Thabo is Worth R27.6 million.


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