After Pretty (Lerato Marabe) had an abortion on #SkeemSaam’s baby a year ago, #SkeemSaam is devastated to learn that Khwezi is pregnant with Lehasa’s child.

This is due to the fact that viewers want Pretty and Lehasa (Cedric Fourie) to have another child and live happily ever after.

The decision that Pretty made to terminate her pregnancy left viewers of Skeem Saam inconsolable, and they are now concerned about Pretty’s relationship with Lehasa because Khwezi (Samukele Mkhize) is pregnant with their child.

Even though Khwezi’s child might seem to be the only thing standing in the way of Pretty and Lehasa’s future together, the lessons of history have shown us that Lehasa might not even be the father of Khwezi’s child.


The deceased wife of Lehasa wanted him to have a surrogate carry their child because she was diagnosed with cancer and was unable to carry a child herself.

However, his ex-girlfriend Lelo (Amanda du Pont) destroyed her eggs out of jealousy and prevented them from being used in the pregnancy.

Pretty was the second woman who tried to give him a baby but was unsuccessful, and then Nothile (Mbali Mavimbela), who claimed she was unable to conceive a child, lied about her inability to do so.


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