After the death of Kondi, life continues for the ones she has left behind. This is except for two key players- Vhafuwi and James. Azwindini is fresh from an extraordinary imposter situation, a divorce from Suzan and a royal’s death. Azwindini doesn’t know that his death is imminent, and it’s coming very soon.

A few days ago, Azwindini was preparing for Vho-Mukondeleli’s funeral and arguing with Makhadzi over changing old traditions, and Azwindini was opposing Makhadzi’s resistance to change. Azwindini asked Makhadzi if they would kill Vhangani if the King died. Azwindini wasn’t suggesting this; he was making a point to Makhadzi, but Vhangani overheard this, and he has been living in fear since then.

Muvhango cast


Kondi’s family has been trying to take her body to her family, but Azwindini is adamant he wants her to be buried at the Royal plot. It’s now a Muvhango between these two families. When Axwindini’s cattle are stolen, he learns that the ancestors have punished him for refusing an invitation to Vho-Mukondeleli’s family in Zwifhoni.

After this, Azwindini reluctantly accepts the invitation and takes Vhangani with him. A strange accident happens, and Vhangani nearly falls over a cliff, prompting Azwindini to help him. After this, Vhafuwi wakes up, but the ancestors decide to welcome him into the land of the dead.


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