Sun-EL Musician was born Sanele Sithole on 28 March 1989. The famous DJ was born and raised in Mooi River KwaZulu Natal. With over ten years in the business, the producer, DJ and songwriter had won many awards. He won the SAMAs 24 best collaboration of 2018 and the SAMAs 27 Best Live Audio. His success in music is evident for all to see. But what did he let go along the road to become the artist we know today?

The multi-award winner grew up in Rosetta’s farms located in the Mooi River. His parents separated when he was still a child, and they both later died in 2017. Sun-EL Musician went through school and was doing pretty well. He enrolled on a bridging course at the University of KwaZulu Natal. “l don’t even know what the heck l was studying; all l know is it had something to do with science, computers, and electronics.” said the Akanamali hitmaker.

There is no better example of passion and dedication to a career than that shown by the Musician. The young DJ chose to seek his fortune in music over a university education that could have earned him a decent Engineering job. Sun-EL Musician’s guardians and close relatives encouraged him to pursue electronics engineering. Not many people can make such decisions in life. Now let’s look into Sun-EL Musician’s successful career after ditching college.


After leaving Engineering, Sun-EL Musician went into the entertainment business. He started in 2007. It took him a few years making music in his local hood before his breakthrough came in 2017 with the hit song Akanamali. Since then, his career has taken an upward trajectory. His best year came in 2018 when he won four awards at the 24th South African Music Awards.

He made hit songs like Woza featuring Linos Rosetta, Uhuru featuring Azana, to mention a few. Sun-EL Musician sacrificed a career in electronics engineering for a passion for music that became the best decision of his life.


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