Who is Putin? A new enemy called Putin keeps Nkunzi and the Magwazas on their toes as he ignites terror in the streets of KwaMashu. Things are about to turn upside down this week on Uzalo.

The Magwaza scrap yard is turned upside down by unknown men and they take bags of money.

Vika tells Nomaswazi that the stolen money was going to pay Putin, and he looks terrified.

According to this week’s Teasers, Nomaswazi advises her family not to pay Putin anymore until he shows his face.

This is looking very strange all of a sudden.

Did Nomaswazi take the money?

We all know that Nomaswazi is always going Rogue, she tells her family not to pay Putin and then the money disappears. Is it possible that she sent those men to steal the money so that Putin could show his face? Nomaswazi was speaking to someone on the phone last week, planning something behind her family’s back as usual.

Sbu and Njeza are the main suspects for the money that disappeared from the scrapyard, and these two are actually innocent this time.

Nkunzi is also seen to be losing sleep over this Putin character.


He is worried enough to summon Nyawo, the police officer, to start sniffing around and see if he can pick up Putin’s scent.

Ok last week, Savanna News reported that Kwanda turns out to be a major drug dealer. Kwanda is slowly showing his true colours and he basically confessed to us when he was sitting with his partners in crime at the beach party that he is the Kingpin.

We all know that Hleziphi found Kwanda’s merchandise in the packages he brings to the hub and this week Hleziphi is going to be so afraid that she will resign from the hub.

Kwanda is not impressed with her because she snoops around and she has already said that Kwanda throws parties like a drug dealer.

This week the Xaba family is moving into a mansion, but let’s start with Nonka.

Last week, Kwanda threw the mother off all parties just to name Nonka a partner, and now Nonka is starting to reap the benefits.

This week she starts spending the money. She gives Hleziphi a black card to go buy some things and Hleziphi is shocked. Nonka has ordered some very expensive clothes online and when they arrive, they leave Hleziphi’s jaw on the floor.

According to the teasers, the Xaba family is going to be staying in a new mansion by no later than Friday, so the money must be rolling in because Nonka is the one who is said to be making it up to her aunt, MaDongwe. MaDlala will try to move in with the Xaba’s.


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