It’s tough times the citizens are facing tough times economically and people are willing to go to the extremes to put food on the table.

In viral circulating posts there have been allegations that most of these big spenders have missing toes which are believed to have been traded off in finger rituals.

It is believed that one toe brings in a whopping $US100 000. This amount of money seems to be irresistible to many Zimbabweans taking into consideration the current economic conditions that the citizens are living.

I’m sure you’re wondering who are these people that are initiating these rituals and how are people getting access to them. Firstly conducting such rituals is something that is not legal in the country and if the initiators are revealed they might find themselves in trouble with the law.


Therefore to have access to these finger ritual dealers one has to be connected with people who have been involved in these rituals. These are very private operations that are conducted privately.

Since the amount has been revealed in some leaked chats of someone who had done the ritual and shared the information as well as a picture of their foot with four toes the demand for those willing to trade theirs as well has skyrocketed.

A lot of pictures have since surfaced online of the people who have done the ritual and have missing fingers and toes.


By J Times

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