It’s frightening to see South African celebs die one after another. It is not certain that one will awaken the next day. Just as South Africa is still coming to terms with the loss of musician Riky Rick, record composer Prince Kaybee shared some on Facebook that just about caused concern.

“If you do not even hear from me anyway…”, Prince Kaybee nearly involves individuals frightened when he used the same statement/expression that Riky Rick used to make us think he knew he was going to die shortly.

Kaybee has learned a lot from either the tragic deaths of superstars, and he has realized that our days on this planet are finite, which is why he stated that if we haven’t heard from him in a while, we should assume he is really with his relatives.

As the list of celebrities who die today rises, it appears that people are heeding Riky Rick’s advice before ending his own life.



By J Times

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